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Happy Gadget was founded by Pius and Eric, both fathers of young children. Pius's son has a severe peanut & tree nut allergy that has landed his family in the ER numerous times over last six years. Although Pius's son is well aware of what to not eat, his family still carries an Epinephrine injector all the time.


Meanwhile, Eric has experienced personal tragedies involving a young family member with asthma who had suddenly passed away from respiratory and cardiac distress while his parents were away from home. We've learned from such family sagas that such things can happen to anyone. Ensuring children’s health and safety has since become a passion that we knew we wanted to solve and prevent future family tragedies.


Three years ago, after yet another ER visit due to Pius’s son's peanut allergy, we started to wonder if there was some way for us to get notified as soon as he started displaying symptoms of an attack. After intense discussion with some medical professionals, and extensive research into existing biosensor technologies, we began to design and build a device to allow us to always be connected to our children at all times, even when we weren’t there physically.


Two years later, the first wearable prototype was completed. It had all the sensors to measure skin temperature, skin humidity, heartbeat, oxygen levels, and motion, but having parent alerts only within Bluetooth range seemed insufficient. Once teamed up with some talented wireless communication engineers later, we were able to extend communication range with Bluetooth 5.0, and add GPS.  With the added Base Station, we were sending signals from over 300 ft. away!

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